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Shingles Cure




For the surface pain

Apple cider [1st choice] or white vinegar [if no other option at hand] soaked on a cloth and lay it on the painful areas.

Bio oil, not cheap but it also prevents scars as well as lessening the pain

Cold wet cloth laid on the pain areas, must be very cold to cool skin and penetrate into the nerve areas to lessen the inflammation in the bowl of icy cold water you can add tea from lavender or rosemary leaves. [eg get a pot of hot water, fill it either lavender or rosemary leaves [or both] and boil till the water is coloured, let this cool then put it in fridge for the cloths to be soaked in.]

This is totally free if you can find a garden close by that is growing rosemary or lavender.



To fix the cause

Very high doses of vitamin B you can go to a doctor and ask for injections, as they now in very recent years started to acknowledge that vitamin B does help to cure shingles as it repairs the nerve sheaths.

Colloidal silver, both internally and wiped on the skin.

Olive leaf extract, found in health food shops and some chemists.

eat lots and lots of paw paw and pineapple, as there are enzymes in them that help kill the virus.

another thing that will also help is paw paw leaf tea, simply boil fresh chopped leaves and drink the cooled tea, it tastes yuk so add honey.

Medication that can also help is called acyclovir which produces similar results to paw paw and pineapple.

As one of the medical names for shingles is herpes zoster, so L-lysine pills from chemists or health food shops will also fight the virus.