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Weightloss + more vital tips

For a complete guarantee of successful

PERMANENT weight loss


Eat breakfast, make it the biggest meal of day, snack between meals, don't go hungry, medium size lunch, unless you skipped breakfast, then you should have a larger lunch, make dinner the smallest meal of day.


Start with detox / colon cleanse in book, so you lose 3 kg in 3 days.

Must include metabolism raisers, fat dissolving acid foods and foods that take the weight off.

Try to have some "just picked" foods regularly, make each one of the 6 recipes in book

get items on shopping list

apple cider vinegar [vital]

ruby red grapefruit juice




"think" thinner, tell yourself repeatedly that you are losing weight

Make sure you’re getting enough nutritious foods, and DON"T eat diet foods

Substitute pineapple juice / ruby red grapefruit juice / tomato juice [these drinks still have sugars but not as much] instead of coke or high sugar drinks, and have a large glass of icy cold water before a meal.

Try to avoid anything that is processed. Try to eat "just picked" fresh food as much as possible.

Must not totally change eating habits suddenly just to lose weight, as you won’t keep it up to keep weight off, make gradual changes. Doing it this way, and following my simple little book, you will not only lose weight, but you will keep it off forever.



To tell you all about the many vast health benefits and uses of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, it could easily fill a huge fat 300 to 400 page book [in small print] that would take you weeks to read it all, and even then, how much of all that information will you remember and retain ?

It has been used since 400 B.C. when the father of medicine, Hippocrates promoted it for amazing cleansing, healing and energising qualities.

Ever since then, constantly throughout time, all the greatest people in medicine, doctors and natural therapists have studied and promoted the use of apple cider vinegar for better health.

To simplify and sum it up, by adding it to your usual eating habits, you can improve your overall health and vitality, help prevent osteoporosis and other illnesses and diseases caused by inadequate nutrient absorbsion, while also helping to prevent obesity as it dissolves cholesterol in the blood.

Do a little research yourself into just how good APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is, and how many uses it has, it will surprise you.

If nothing else, after reading this site, you may end up getting a bottle and using it, and you will glad you did.


Food radiation

I recently saw a few current affairs and news shows about irradiation of foods imported into Australia. In one story, it is done to oranges to destroy all pests, diseases and insects, but this treatment also destroys all the vitamin content too, so during the processing of orange juice, vitamin C must be added artificially.

There was also another story about imported pet foods that were causing very serious illness, disease and death in pets, from eating pet food that had been irradiated too, and it was left with almost no nutritional value after this treatment. Beloved pets were dying from all sorts of illnesses like paralysis, caused entirely by extreme nutrient deficiencies.

This latest research backs my theory that cooking food in the microwave could also be destroying the vitamin and nutrients.

When speaking with highly learned, experienced and qualified naturopaths, bio-chemists, nutritionist's, dieticians, and scientists, they all say that they personally won’t ever use a microwave and it is not recommended or good to ever use a microwave as it is radiation, and it does have a bad effect on the food as it destroys nutrition.

If it does strip the food of nutrients, and most imported foods are also irradiated, then it is no wonder people are increasing becoming more overweight or obese, when you understand the way the body's natural inbuilt survival mechanism works, with having to "store" more bulk to be able to access the nutrients from.


This is also why so many people suffer from cancer, illness and disease, because the body is suffering from nutrient deficiencies, so therefore there is no immunity to fight anything off, or protect you from illness.

Latest research into artificial food colourings has also shown quite clearly just how toxic some are to our bodies long term, they are causing serious health problems in children, like ADHD.

I have always firmly believed that food that is "just picked" and eaten immediately have something like an enzyme, in it that is vital for the re-generation of the cells in the body, while preventing cancer, illness, disease, as well as slowing down the aging processes.

I have also always firmly believed that the longer it is since a food has been harvested, as it ages the less nutrition it has.

Then think about boiling vegetables that are not very fresh to start with, then you tip the water down the sink, how much goodness is really left ? even more so in my personal opinion if you cook it in the microwave, what are you ending up with ? bulk with almost no nutritional value at all.

Now think about how your body reacts to this . . . . bulk storage, and prone to health problems due to nutrient deficiencies.


In my NO DIET WEIGHT LOSS book I talk about good fats and bad fats,

The way I explain it simply is good fats are natural fats, bad fats are processed fats.

I recently saw a current affair investigation and results on the fat issue.

They put in a much more complex and confusing way, but they were investigating the TRANS FATS, they are the ones that are banned in most countries other than Australia, and are used in most Australian processed foods.

Trans Fats have been proven beyond doubt to be highly toxic over a period of time, causing serious health problems, ADHD, illness, disease and cancers.

The difference between these fats and what I call "natural " fats is that all trans fats are heated to extremely high temperatures, then they go through a number of processes whereas the structure of the product is changed and hydrogenated so it is in a more solid form and things are added to make it a desirable colour, smell and taste. So, in the end what you have is not really a food product, but more a complex chemical composition.

Natural fats are animal fats or any oil that is raw, natural and cold pressed, nothing is added or taken away, its just pure, and good for you, because without enough good fats we suffer from nutrient deficiencies, immune deficiencies and get health problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

To put it straight and clear, natural raw fats and oils keep you healthy, protect you from cancer and illness, highly processed complex chemical fats and oils make you sick and fat.

Where does the weight / fat go ?

When you lose weight where do you think it goes ?

Have you ever thought about what actually happens to the fat ?

It does not evaporate into thin air and it does not drop off as we walk along.

No matter how much we sweat, we only lose a few ounces, not kilo's, and what we lose is water anyway.

By going right back to simple basics, think about how the fat got there, it went in one end, and whatever the body does not use comes out the other, so to really get rid of the fat, there is only one way to get rid of it, it has to come out the other end.

So . . . . to get rid of fat you need to break it down and dissolve it, and dispose of it.

By adding the foods I talk about in my book, you will learn which foods break down the fats in the body and the blood, so the digestive system can dispose it.

By doing the detox you will get rid of years of built up heavy fats and toxins lining your intestine walls, that make you feel tired, lethargic and prone to illness.

Once you have done this simple easy detox, you will notice a marked increase your levels of energy and vitality.


I firmly believe the hormones in chicken are to blame for young girls having so much extra "breast and thigh meat" and for girls as young as 6 years old getting their periods.

I am also sure this is why there is an epidemic in Australia of boys aged 14 to 17 developing breasts.

All the hormones designed to make chickens grow large and mature very quickly, are affecting people more than most of us realize.

The rate of obesity in teens is becoming out of control, all because of the amount of residual hormones in chicken and the high consumption of processed sugars.

Back in the 1970's when I was a teen, and before the era of fast food chicken everywhere, there were very few obese women and men with "man boobs" were extremely rare.

Most teens began puberty at around 13 to 15.

Nowadays, puberty is beginning before the age of 10, especially in girls.

The only people I have talked with at length that have not been affected are those that are vegetarian or don't eat fast food hormone fed chicken at all.

Under active thyroid

The thyroid gland produces thyroxin that keeps your metabolism going faster. When we have a iodine deficiency, the thyroid does not produce enough thyroxin and the metabolism slows down.

Lack of iodine can cause other health problems including hair loss, lethargy and weight gain.

Having enough iodine can also help in the prevention of fibrosis, it help to prevent the formation of cancer cells, and it is thought to also shrink cancer cells, it improves skin, hair, teeth and nails, it helps to flush toxic chemicals like fluoride, mercury and lead from the body and improves the immune system.

The easiest way to ensure you are getting enough iodine is to eat more iodine rich foods like fish, [haddock has the most] fish oils, seaweed, cheeses, eggs and iodised salt.

You can also get iodine drops that are absorbed through the skin, or you can simply paint betadine on your feet before going to bed and your body will absorb it through your skin.

Food grown in rich healthy soils have much higher amounts of iodine as it is naturally occurring in a good rich soil.