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About me

Qualifications and areas of expertise for Lisa Quain

Diploma in theraputic massage, deep tissue therapy, sports injury massage and a beauty therapist.

Reflexologist, foot massage therapy.

Reiki healer

Life long extremely passionate natural therapist, specialising in cost free simple natural / alternative therapies


Production horticulturist, all aspects of commercial fruit and vegetable growing, establishment, all aspects of maintaining, picking, pruning, presentation, through to getting produce to market.


Amenity horticulturist, ornamental and exotic plants, indoor plants, from small home gardens to large public parks and gardens


Floriculturist for garden flowers to flowering displays to commercial flower growing, from establishment through to market or florist outlets.


Viticulturist, establishment, management and maintenance of vineyards.

Experienced in all areas including pruning, picking, cleaning for table grapes to harvesting of wine grapes


Permaculturist and all aspects of organic gardening, and alternative control of weeds, pest and disease problems.


Alleopathist all aspects of companion planting, on small and large scale. This is a highly specialized and little known about field / science that has a profound affect on the quality and quantity of produce.


Turf maintenance establishment and all aspects of management.


Land care manager all aspects including fire risk reduction, erosion prevention and repair, water management and harvesting, salinity control and management, drought proofing of stock paddocks, conservation of endangered flora and fauna and diversification for increased profitability.


Agro forestry for short and long term, planning, establishment, management through to harvesting.


Natural resource management and development Management of resources, conservation and preservation of native flora and fauna, planning and preparation before mining and re-vegetation after mining, water harvesting and management for larger broad scale farming, and large scale fire preventative plans.


Landscape design specialized for the individuals wants needs, from small household garden design to large scale show piece display garden design for large business or farms that want to attract attention from passing trade by making a huge statement from display, from no maintenance gardens to gardens for those that love to potter about in the garden for enjoyment.


Unique Landscape designs to create outdoor living areas, outdoor rooms, pool surround gardens, patio gardens, kitchen gardens, or theme gardens such as palm gardens, conifer gardens, scented gardens, bird attracting gardens, and secret gardens.


Nursery design and management for production seeding nurseries to propagation and management of advanced plants.


Production hydroponics from simple small backyard systems to to large scale commercial production


Aquaculture garden ponds, water features, water purification, to production aquaculture of plants, fish or yabbies, koonacs, marron.


Water Management and Harvesting specialized advice in managing and harvesting rain water, run off, dams, creeks, salinity reduction, water purification, water erosion prevention and repair.


Highly Specialized Experience in roses, indoor plants, cacti, herbs and their uses


Identification of plants, pests, disease, soil, or water problems, and how to remedy them.


I take a holistic approach to gardening and farming, where as I work with nature and the elements rather than against.


I am a lateral thinker and look at the broader bigger picture, and the balance of nature, while still considering the little things like the biodiversity of the micro flora, fauna and insects and their needs, roles and effects.

Being a recycling, re-use fanatic, I very often come up with outstanding ideas and solutions for cost free ways of solving problems.






Experience and background history.


Gardening and growing fruit and vegetables has been my life passion since I was a very young child.

When I was only 8 years old I was described as an odd child that gave away buckets of tomatoes, and gave garden advice to everyone.

As a child most of my friends were adults that shared my passion for plants and gardens.

From the time I was 10 years old my mother never pruned the roses again as I did such a good job of looking after them.

The rose bed at the front of our home in Perth W.A. where I grew up, was quite spectacular.

All throughout my life I have taken a passionate

interest in learning as much as I could from the ancient

old Italian, Yugoslav, Greek, Macedonian and Asian

gardeners and farmers. I also noticed a very interesting

fact here, I have known so many passionate gardener's

that grew their own food, that were still very very

healthy and active, well into their late 90's.


My whole life I have also been extremely passionate

about learning as much as I possibly could about herbs

and their uses, natural therapies, alternative therapies,

home remedies, diet and nutrition. I honestly feel it all

ties in together, growing food and good healthy mind and



In 1976  I did a very intense year of study to get my

diploma as  a fully qualified theraputic massuse 

and  beauty therapist, from there I studied further on, 

in depth in the area's of reflexology [foot massage +

healing]  and natural therapies, that has continued to be

my life passion.   I am also a Reiki healer, and can do

health readings.

When I was in my late 20's till my mid 30's I did lots of volunteer work with the "Men of the Trees" to learn as much as I could about land care and farming as most of the other volunteers were retired farmers, and they were a huge wealth of knowledge and experience I could learn from and draw upon, as we were clearing and developing a family farm of 177 acres, that my mother had bought at my urging, and because of my deep passion for farming and growing things.

It amazing how much one can learn from going out collecting native seeds or planting trees with a big bunch of people aged from 60 to 92, who were more than happy to teach me as much as they possibly could.

The most valuable lessons I learned from my time with them was, diversify, diversify, diversify, take care of the land, the flora and fauna, and plan for long term future too.


When I got to my 30's and wanted a proper career direction, with qualifications, so, I decided to go back to school and get a piece of paper to prove I knew what I was talking about as I was always giving gardening and farming advice.

I am so deeply passionate about wanting to teach people how to grow their own food, and take care of the land and environment better, as well as having and developing my own little garden of Eden "Forage and Feast" to teach from.

I wanted to be sure I knew everything I possibly could, so as I could be the best I can be. I feel privileged, honored and humbled that I have been blessed with the knowledge and experiences I have acquired over the years.

I went to Tafe full time for 4 years, and surprised myself and my lecturers as I excelled in all areas of study, because I am so deeply passionate about all aspects of horticulture and land care management.

I cant speak highly enough of my Tafe lecturers, as we shared the passion for anything horticulture, and in my opinion they were all the best in their specialized fields.

During my time at Tafe, I was most fortunate that the on campus facilities were minimal, because the lecturers instead took us to farms and market gardens to make sure we got "hands on" experience on everything.

Because of the friendships I formed with my Tafe lecturers, it allowed me to learn far more from them than just the allocated curriculum.

I feel I benefited greatly from this, and my lecturers all urged me to go and get my diploma of education so I could also teach.

All I learned from our many week long south east and south west excursions to study the drought and salinity problems in the wheat belt regions, and trials and studies done on it, left a huge impact on me, as well as a real depth of understanding of how to reverse the salinity, and minimize the drought problems.

I also did viticulture excursions throughout the south west and Margaret River region, as well as the Swan Valley, where I worked full time hands to gain experience in every aspect of establishing, maintaining, pruning and picking, cleaning and packing of both table and wine grapes.

During production fruit and vegetable growing I worked hands on in a great many market gardens and orchards, doing establishment, picking, pruning, packing and presenting it for market or export.

I have seen and studied what works and what does not, and I was very fortunate to have known and talked to at length with many farmers, from many different farming backgrounds and farming practices.

I have also spent time living in the north west of W.A. and the Mackay region of Queensland, and gained depth of understanding of the many problems farmers face with the elements there too.

A few years after Tafe I owned, run and managed my own retail nursery [Kalbarri Organics] with trainees I was teaching.

This nursery was not just plants, as I also grew and supplied the supermarkets and restaurants in the town of Kalbarri with fresh organic fruit vegetables and herbs, including hydroponic tomatoes, lettuces and strawberries. I also had a plant hire service where as I hired out my own large plants to local businesses and restaurants.

I became pregnant and could no longer run the nursery as it required too much hard, heavy work, and I had to return to Perth due to pregnancy complications.


My garden at my home I owned for 20 years, included a rose bed that the roses were spectacular prize winning blooms, and I also had a huge 15 m2 nursery full of my rare plant collection, and most of all my fruit and vegetables were home grown.


In the past few years I have been traveling the country, meeting, speaking to and learning from different farmers and farming practices, and during this time I have learned so much more as I have devoted and dedicated myself to researching, studying and seeing solutions to a great many of the problems facing people, from households to hobby farmers to large scale broad acre farming.


My full talents and skills are best served in giving on the spot visiting consultations, where as I give you a guided tour of your own garden or property, telling you all you need to know in how to get the very best from your plants, garden, property or farm.


My email addresses are 

[email protected]


[email protected]  



or call me on 0406 166 222